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From the Colorado Climate Emergency Task Force:

"Climate Emergency-Time for All Hands on Deck”. Does that sound like a Call to Action? That call, indeed, was the invitation for delegates and other interested parties to attend the climate change caucus at the recent LWVUS 2020 convention.

At its Jan. 2019 meeting the LWVUS Board approved a position statement on climate change. That statement begins, “The League believes that climate change is a serious threat facing our nation and planet…” Hence, the caucus.

Already several state and local Leagues have formed task forces or committees aimed at promoting the collective actions necessary to combat climate change. The scale of the climate crisis demands collective action. It demands collaboration and cooperation with other civic groups who encourage voters to become Climate Voters and activists.

Who has the experience and the enthusiasm to lead in this pivotal time? The League of Women Voters knows how to hold forums, organize activities, form coalitions, testify, lobby, and the LWV/California is leading the way with plans and ideas we can borrow.

As you read this, a Colorado task force is being organized. We will need sub-committees to work on such things as climate change and water, food, transportation, agriculture, sea-level rise, energy, air quality, whatever most affects your community, or pulls your chain. We can do this and we need you!

Tell us who you are and what most interests you…It is an  emergency!

Please contact Sandy at or Sandy at

Taskforce Current Members:
Sandy Schuster, Sandy Vandehey, Elaine Rideout, Laurie Scholl, Karil Frohboese, Duskey Mallory, Linda Foreman, Joan Bancroft, Pat Mesec, Nancy Warren, Tom Ging,Wendi Sisk, Martha Gerdes, Nancy Luthy, Margaret Market, Lois Witte, Susie Rosamond, Connie Raynor, Brook Wilson, Barb Shepard.