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Election Follow-Up


Take heart: American Democracy has been through a lot
By Michelle Swarmer Witte
November 3, 2020

This opinion piece by the executive director of LWV Minnesota is a glimpse into America's history and provides some perspective.

Why Do Maine and Nebraska Split Their Electoral Votes?
By Meilan Solly
November 5, 2020

Instead of a winner-take-all system, the states use the"congressional district method".
Around Colorado
Sue Racanelli: Protect The Postal Service

The League of Women Voters, committed to the right of all citizens to vote, stands in favor of mail-in balloting and supports funding levels for the United States Postal Service (USPS) in the U.S. House HEROES Act and Delivering for America Act.

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Around the U.S.

Statement of Voting Rights Advocates in Response to Pennsylvania Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled that state law allows county bureaus of elections to set up drop boxes and satellite offices to accept mail and absentee ballots.

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