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Where We Stand

Nonpartisan Outreach and Advocacy

Our League proudly serves the community as a nonpartisan education and advocacy organization, neither supporting nor opposing individual candidates or political parties at any level of government.

We advocate League policies on issues of vital concern to our members and Jefferson County.  We also support the Colorado and U.S. LWV policy positions.

Key Principals

Every eligible citizen should have access to the vote and to the information needed to exercise that right in and informed manner.

Government should operate transparently.

The environment should be protected for future generations.

Women should be able to make decisions about their reproductive health.

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.
ballot box 19th amendment celebration

League Positions

How does the League adopt policy positions?



League members at the Jefferson County chose all the public policy issues for study and action.  Conducting a 'Study' makes action possible by giving members the opportunity to examine facts, pro and con arguments, and political realities.  League positions are reached by a process of consensus developed through the exchange of ideas and opinions. League action can take place only after consensus or concurrence with another League's position. 

The Guide to Policy and Positions 2020 is a summary of the public policy that LWV Jeffco has adopted and the advocacy work based on them.